Tuesday 2 September 2014

Hello again!

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Right now in my notebook I have fourteen blog post ideas, seven of which are “Photo Fridays”. And I want to, and will, blog my way through those, documenting God’s grace during the last couple of months.

So, what have I been up to?

After camp this summer we had our S-Team retreat where we talked about our ministries and dreamt and planned and prayed a lot. It was very exciting, and I really feel that God has made it clear how He is going before us.

I had a few working weeks and got to visit the Polish short-term team training, and finish up a lot of summer accounting, and other necessary tasks as we look to this new year.

I had a week of holiday/vacation. And I didn’t go a single place. Well, I went to Prague. For a day. A blog post coming about this soon.

And then last week I spent the whole week learning Czech, after a summer of not really learning much. I find myself praying that God would repeat Acts 2 v 4 again, with Czech, right here in my little green kitchen.

And now September has started! Yesterday and today were suitably rainy and foggy, weather that always makes me think of Northern Ireland. And this week marks the start of new things.

Tomorrow I hold my first English Club meeting. The goal with this is to connect students who want to learn English with our youth group and church. And I find myself simultaneously being nervous that no one will show up and being nervous that my flat will be too small.

Even saying it out loud (or writing it in this blog post) seems like a risk because tomorrow I might get to tell you that, yep, no one showed up. But this idea has been floating for a while, and prayed over a lot, and I’m excited about the potential it has.

One of my favourite things about camp was being able to say to students “Let’s spend time together in September!” And those prayers have been answered. Students want to hang out and I’m excited to spend time with a couple of them in the coming days.

Tomorrow at 8am I’ll also be dropping my car off at the mechanics. A combination of holidays, busyness at the mechanics, and different schedules mean that, yes, tomorrow I’m finally taking the car in to fix a problem that started on July 5th. And with that I’m praying for wisdom, an easy and complete fix, and God’s provision.

There is so much new to be thankful for: new ministry opportunities, new relationships, new seasons. And as I start my second year in this place, I am so grateful for deepening relationships, language, knowledge and familiarity. There are constants to be thankful for too: God’s provision and how He clearly goes before as well as alongside. 

I’m excited to continue to tell the stories that point to His gracious provision.

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