Friday 12 September 2014

Photo Friday - 12th September

It was a joy to spend time with these two ladies who were in my class at camp. It was a great way to start a Saturday morning!

Sometimes you need some British comedy.

Early morning train rides to work, with the sunrise tinting the pages of my book pink.

On Tuesday mornings we have our I-Team meetings. I Team stands for International Team and comprises those of us who serve internationally with JV, those of us who serve all our countries in various ways from camps to graphic design to computer systems and many other things. Over the summer we grew a lot with a few new missionaries starting. We're getting too big for the rooms available to meet in!

Again, I'm often captured by this view. 

A youth group team meeting where we talked about the year ahead - I wonder how many youth group team meetings happen in four languages (and the fourth, English, was only because of me)?

There was a country fair kind of thing in my town - I blogged about it here

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