Friday 12 September 2014

Bunnies on the Basketball Court

I think I've let the list of twenty blog posts I want to write stop me from writing any. So let's kick off with some photos from today. Today I had a couple of errands to run and while I was out I decided to walk along the river, a very normal thing for me to do.

Well, this is what I discovered. Apparently even though this Saintfield girl moved away from Northern Ireland she didn't move that far! There is a series of parks along the river in the centre of my town and there is some fun country show kind of thing happening.

There are tractors for sale.

Piles of homegrown vegetables - both for sale and on show.

A lot of livestock.

Including goats!

And there were bunnies on the basketball court.

Along with hens, roosters, geese and ducks.

Also spotted: a beehive and a blacksmith!

I love the little town here I get to call home, and I love surprises like this.

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