Monday, 26 May 2014

The Amazing Race!

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving home to head south to Slovenia for the start of the Amazing Race! The Amazing Race is an American reality TV show where teams compete challenges all over the world for prizes. We have taken the idea and use it as a three-day team building exercise for our interns as they arrive to serve for the summer.

So on Wednesday morning we'll have around ninety interns descending on Lake Bled in Slovenia where they'll meet the rest of their team and start the race! There will be nineteen teams in total!

The JV missionaries helping at or running the race, along with any European interns, are travelling to Slovenia tomorrow for a pre-race meeting. Then on Wednesday morning I'll be getting up super early along with two others to travel to Munich airport to meet all the international arrivals!

We'll arrive back at Malenovice, our training centre in the Czech Republic, on Friday evening to start Intern Training on Saturday morning.

This is my third Amazing Race - in my first I was a participant as we raced through Krakow in 2012, last year I was a helper in Ukraine, and this year I'm a helper and holder of details in Slovenia.

Please pray for us for these three days! Pray that everyone (by car or plane) will arrive safely, pray for continued safety across the three days (I think I'll have around 24 hours of driving across the four days but I'll also have help for some of it!), and pray that teams would get to know each other well. This experience is great for getting to know your team and bonding well so they can serve effectively all summer.

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