Friday 23 May 2014

Photo Friday - 23rd May

The family who lived in this flat before me loved stickers and these ones were the only ones I hadn't removed yet - because I knew it would start a long process! But, in this busy season, I decided I'd had enough of them and ripped them off the wall.

Which, of course, led to lots of holes in the walls... I'm not quite finished yet - although the walls no longer have holes now and they're a darker shade of blue. Hopefully this weekend I'll get it all finished and will take a pic.

I did a lot of baking this week - banana muffins for ladies' Bible study (these were the leftovers)

In direct contrast to last week - this week was really hot! Like, high 20s and low 30s for a few days in a row.

A new missionary has joined our international team. Daniel will be doing video projects for us. We had a bbq by a local lake to welcome him.

Thursday was Caleb's birthday! I baked monster cupcakes and we celebrated him turning 7!

On Friday night a lot of the local churches and museums in town (and across Czech) were open so you could explore. It was really interesting to go into museums, and up a tower that overlooks the town, but my favourite place was the Jesus Church on the Polish side of town. 

I wrote about it a little here but basically it's called one of the most significant protestant churches in Poland and was one of the few that was allowed to be built centuries ago - so they built it big! An incredible movement of God started in this place - one that not only launched an incredible missions movement but also influenced John Wesley... and through Wesley many, many more.

I'm praying that God would again bring revival to this land. 

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