Friday 9 May 2014

Photo Friday - 9th May

This year Josiah Venture is marking it's 20th anniversary. And we did that on the Saturday evening of Spring Conference with fireworks! Fireworks in fog... but fireworks!

Our Spring Conference family photo - Spring Conference is for those who are serving with Josiah Venture in a culture they were not born in. It is a joy to serve alongside these people, and it was a joy to be at my first Spring Conference.

After conference I headed to Prague for a couple of days of holiday/vacation with some of the ladies serving in Slovenia and Czech. It was so much fun. Here we are with some other friends having burgers.

I loved spending time with these ladies - it was so restful and perfect timing before the craziness of summer!

Summer is blooming and it is beautiful. These are between my flat and where I park.

Celebrating Casey's birthday with all the Yorman family! It had been a while since I'd made cheesecake.

Dark chocolate digestives and hobnobs in Czech! Hooray! Way more expensive than the UK but still fun to see.

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