Friday 22 November 2013

Photo Friday

I went to the zoo in Ostrava with some other missionaries. It was 0 degrees that day and the flamingoes looked out of place!

I was moaning as I text Jo about my thermostat that I just.couldn't.figure.out. Cue her husband looking online for the manual and a FaceTime call to help me figure out how to properly heat my flat! The bonus was an impromptu FaceTime with Jo.

The sunset out my kitchen window... my very dirty kitchen window.

I get all my post sent to the office so this is what my desk looked like after my birthday! I am so thankful for my crazy thoughtful friends.

I was preparing to speak at my youth group's girls' retreat.

I've become a black coffee drinker. Crazy. (I still probably prefer having milk but I can definitely drink it black now).

The panel of ladies answering questions at the girls' retreat.

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