Wednesday 27 November 2013

Exit Tour and Spiritual Battles

Exit Tour is a ministry of JV that involves an American Christian band going into local high schools to connect with students through the universal medium of music and to provide education on real life issues. The Gospel is presented and students are invited to a big concert at the end of the week. This is all done alongside the local church who want to reach out to the young people of their communities.

The Dicksons serve in Czech and head up the Exit Tour here. Kevin's college recently ran an article on their work and what it looks like, particularly in terms of the spiritual battle that surrounds it and the incredible results they are seeing.  It also talks a little about the Czech culture and spiritual climate. To read the article click here

Exit Tour has just finished up in a few cities and it will be going to more Czech towns before the end of the year. Please be praying for this ministry! And for the churches who are now following up with students who were interested in the Gospel.

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