Friday 15 November 2013

Photo Friday!

I got a lot of food for my birthday - American candy on the left and then Northern Irish/British the rest of the way over. So so good. And, yes, caramel squares (or millionaries shortbread) are something I crave on a regular basis.

I was all tucked up in bed at 11:30 (because it had been a long day and I'm 25 now) when I got a FaceTime call from Rach and Amy at youth group in Saintfield! Which led to lots of hellos and was a perfect ending of my birthday!

My birthday weekend: breakfast with Kristin and Caleb on Saturday and then the other four pictures are from a beautiful walk around a nearby lake with my Czech friend Martina and a shopping excursion for a winter coat that ended in a lovely Starbucks shaped treat! There was lots of other unphotographed niceness - youth group, church, etc.

The fact the lady in the shop assures me that my coat is perfectly fine at -10 degrees C concerns me just a little... Because that is now a perfectly average temperature for my winters.

And here's what Monday morning looked like!

But then the post arrived and so did lots of hilarious and thoughtful birthday cards! 

Celebrating a very productive Tuesday.

Ministry often happens outside church walls, and instead over things like drinks of hot chocolate.

Czech homework in front of Narnia.

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