Friday 1 November 2013

Photo Friday

One of the great things about being at Brodfest was being able to catch up with friends - including these lovely Czech interns who served with JV last year!

It was also wonderful to see over one thousand young adults worshipping God together.

Monday came and the bracelet got cut off! It was a national holiday here (marking the establishment of an independent Czecho-Slovak state after the First World War in 1918) and after the crazy weekend it was good to have a slower day.

Life here is just a whole lot multi-cultural. On Tuesday I made a trip to Poland to go to a bigger/cheaper grocery store to stock up on essentials for the next wee while (and then supplement with smaller shop runs... and no, I'm not calling M&Ms or nutella essentials but somehow they ended up in my trolley). 

I used a Latvian coin to operate the Polish trolley and my shop included buying coffee creamer for an American living in Slovenia. Czech life includes lots of other countries!

A beautiful sunset on Wednesday.

Thursday was the end of the month which inevitably means it's time to sort out my receipts and expenses! And as I'd done a lot of travelling it required a lot of work (and M&Ms) as I have receipts in six currencies!

Friday - well, I've now lived here over four months! And four months is a long time without a haircut. So I finally braved it today. Hairdressers are the same world over - I used multiple phrases for "only a little" and she repeated them back... but my hair is a lot shorter than I was expecting! Thankfully hair grows and I don't hate it - so I'm still chalking it up as an accomplishment!

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