Friday 4 October 2013

Photo Friday

The swings in the park a five minute walk from my house - I love going here!

I finally got some photos up on my walls! I love how these ended up looking like a window looking out on NI. 

Monday - after a week of working at conference JV give "comp" days so Monday was one of mine. It was awesome to sit and reflect on all that God has done and taught me over the last few months - especially as Monday marked three months in Czech!

Tuesday - one part of my role this year is to go and have a meeting with the camp team from each country to talk with them, learn from them and support them. Tuesday was Poland's turn! So my car got to do a six/seven hour journey (thankfully that's roundtrip) up to Wroclaw for a six hour meeting with the Poland team. 

On the way up there I switched out driving with Casey and it was perfectly timed to get a coffee from this store. Coffee Heaven used to be the coffee shop that we hung out in in Prague after English Camp but they're no longer in the Czech Republic so it was a fun memory to relive!

The drive to my Czech teacher's house on Wednesday! Don't worry, I stopped the car to take this photo! And I'm happy to report that driving is going well! Although I really need to learn to put my lights on every time I get in the car (you have to have your car lights on all the time here, and can get fined if you do not!).

Meet the town mascot of Zory, a Polish town about 40 minutes from where I live. I was visiting another missionary there and buying curtains for my flat. It was such a fun evening!

Friday was supposed to be my other "comp day" after conference but I spent it being sick... along with the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, after three days of sleeping and fluids I feel a lot better! 

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