Friday 27 September 2013

Photo Friday

The location for the camp meeting.

In between camp meeting and conference I wanted to rest and then I got sick so I definitely rested! This was my Sunday.

Monday-Friday was "Fall Conference" - the theme was Radiate! We held it outside in a marquee/tent (oh the differences between British and American English) because we have outgrown our conference centre! It was a privilege to be a part of the team serving the 240 people attending the conference. And with a lot of rain my wellie boots were used a lot!

Meet Terry and David - Terry serves here in Czech and David serves in Latvia. Together we are the three British people on staff with JV! 

It was so exciting to see all these conference books lined up - exciting to think of the impact this conference will have through the years!

Our marquee/tent and the beauty of Malenovice.

The actual hotel/conference centre at Malenovice.

A photo from inside the marquee/tent one night!

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