Friday 11 October 2013

Photo Friday

I was sick most of the weekend and am so thankful for amazing people who came round with homemade goodness and for tea.

Autumn is definitely here and it is beautiful.

So many trees are beautiful golden colours!

On Tuesday night some friends came round and we had a girls' film night - complete with lots of lovely snacks!

My Wednesday: two hour Czech lesson, looking after Benaiah for an hour (including reading about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). And for dinner I had all the Yormans round for dinner which was the mixture from Shepherd's Pie with champ and apple cinnamon crunch with some ice cream for dessert! It tasted like Northern Ireland. And there was some fort building in my living room after dinner.

Each year our camps have a specific theme-related t-shirt. We have boxes upon boxes of left over shirts downstairs in the basement, some from many years ago!

What my kitchen floor looked like at 11pm on Friday - I needed to pick up a couple of spare seats/stools for when I have visitors. The blue stool you see pictured? Surprisingly difficult to put together. 

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