Friday 18 October 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - the Chestnuts are missionaries here in Czech and they serve the English Camp ministry. Some of you may know them as they have been in Saintfield a few times and I have been so blessed by their friendship and their leadership last year during my internship. Well, they just had a little girl! So we gathered to celebrate the arrival of Stella! Such a wonderful afternoon.

Monday - I had work meetings up in Latvia and Estonia this week so I was up at 3am, caught a 4am train from my town to Prague (upper left), got a bus to the airport (upper right), flew out of Prague (bottom left), arrived in Riga! 

Also Monday - the flight schedule meant I flew up on Monday but with the meetings on Tuesday (Riga, Latvia) and Wednesday (Tartu, Estonia) it meant I had a couple of hours late Monday to explore Riga a little. I just wandered around thanks to a free map from the tourist centre and and explored. Riga wears autumn so so well. 

Tuesday - a four hour meeting with the wonderful Latvia camp team (and Kristy Williams who serves in Ukraine).

Wednesday - a four hour meeting with the wonderful Estonia camp team (and Kristy Williams who serves in Ukraine)

Thursday - up at 5am, bus from Tartu at 6am, Riga airport with a flight to Warsaw and then to Krakow, arrival in Krakow and home! Long day. Four countries!

My flower might have been a casualty of my trip.

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