Friday 2 August 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - Prague's main train station as I waited for my train to home, to Cesky Tesin.

Sunday - a side view of my church.

Monday - our train station.

Tuesday - walking through my beautiful town.

Wednesday - flat hunting!  A sneak peak...  Check out Friday's photo!

Thursday - my first full day in the office.  Moving to another country involves a lot of meetings and I'm so excited about spending more time here as I get more settled!

Friday - I signed a contract saying that on Monday I'll sign an actual contract because, people, I have a flat!  It's the one you see in the Wednesday photo.  It's in a great location, and it's a lovely, quirky little place that I love.  There's a lot of furniture assembly in my future but I'm excited!  And, until I hopefully get a roommate at some point, I have a guest room people!

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