Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - the Yormans also made breakfast!  French toast is an amazing first breakfast.  

Sunday - I thought it was wonderful that all the books I brought over fitted on my bookcase...  and then I found more books in my last box!  

Assembling these chest of drawers was quite a humbling experience - I made a few errors in the construction process.  This photo shows the funniest - I thought I had put the tracks for the drawers in wrong as the top drawer in no way closed.  It turns out I'd just slotted the drawer in wrong.  

I've slowly been unpacking as time allows.  As I packed in NI I threw the bunting pictured in a box - I'd made it two years ago for my friend's wedding.  I had no idea why I was packing it.  But it turns out that that was a very good decision!  I have been reminded that the winters here are long and so colour is recommended!  I also love how this room has come together when I only bought one piece of furniture for it (it's a side table that you can't even see in the above photo).  It's been so good to be making a home here.

Wednesday - looking after the Yormans boys and this was storytime before bed. 

Another picture of my feet after a long day in which I successfully got my visa!  Hooray for successful paperwork!  

Friday - Katka came to visit my place and took these photos.  It's been so great to spend time with Czech friends!  

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