Friday 9 August 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - a trip to IKEA that ended with me buying candles.  When I get my keys for my flat there will be another trip that will end up with more than candles being bought!  

Sunday - a trip to the river in the evening.  

Monday - the town square where I live.

Tuesday - commuting to the office and back again.  It takes 30 minutes by car but over an hour by train and on Tuesday it actually took two and a half hours to get home in the evening, in 30 degree heat.  On Thursday it reached a beautiful 39 degrees - trying not to melt or complain because soon it will be 40-50 degrees cooler!  

Polish pottery is beautiful - I love the blue/white/yellow designs.  This is the mug cupboard in the office.  

Czech country side and the sun is shining, I love it.  

On Monday my boxes with all my belongings left my parents' house in Saintfield and on Thursday they safely arrived in the Czech Republic!  I'm excited to soon be unpacking them!  

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  1. Exciting! When do you get to move in? I can't wait to see pictures!!