Friday 16 August 2013

Photo Friday

I'm currently staying with the Yormans.  This is my fourth time staying with them in the past year and it has been so great!  Casey and Kristin have been so great at helping me settle in and figure out stuff.  Casey is the leader of S-Team, the team I'm on out here.  They have two young boys who are so much fun and I am definitely trying to indoctrinate them on the joys of rugby!

Because it's so hot here (thankfully this week cooled down a little but this week saw 39 degrees!) the leaves are already turning brown!  So pretty.  

While I still don't have keys for my flat we decided to do the IKEA trip this week - three hours later I had bought everything I needed from IKEA.  It amazes me that there are two double beds in that photo (one actual bed and one sofa bed).  

I was so blessed by the fact I just happen to be moving at the same time another missionary family, the Ellenwoods (I posted a video of them a couple of weeks ago), were moving.  The people who used to live in their new house left a lot of stuff and the Ellenwoods were getting rid of stuff too so I was able to get a lot of what I need from them.  An incredible blessing.

Working on a little project.

This one was a bigger project - I got two IKEA chairs with these cushions through the Ellenwoods' move but there were stains on the covers that would just not come out.  So I embarked on a sewing project...

Friday was such a successful day - using different forms of transport, and I love trains anyway, asking where the bus stop I was looking for was and the train station lady walking me all the way to it, successfully buying velcro in Poland using mime, successfully buying fabric in Czech and being complimented on my Czech...  And I love train stations.

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