Monday, 3 June 2013

Photo Friday: in NI, Ireland, Czech, Ukraine and Poland for the Amazing Race

Saturday - at Elevate on Saturday night we heard from Pastor Benjamin from India. It was so incredible to hear what God is doing in that part of the world!

Sunday - back at Dublin airport to head to Czech for two weeks.

Monday - we travelled to Krakow to get on an overnight train to L'viv. This was my bed, the middle of three in our little cabin. This train was much nicer than the next two overnight trains, which had no doors and you were sleeping in a room with 60 of your closest new friends... But because we crossed a border on this one we were woken three times by customs officials and border control to check our passports. Oh, and Poland and Ukraine have different train tracks so in the middle of the night the train stops so they can lift the train up and switch the wheels! Crazy.

Tuesday - a day exploring L'viv and getting ready for the Amazing Race.

Wednesday - after another overnight train we were in Kiev where our interns flew into. And here they are!

Thursday - over the course of the three days of the Amazing Race I was at various stations giving the interns challenges. On Thursday morning I was at a station at the top of L'viv where the teams were giving a Bible study and thirty minutes to pray for L'viv, the Ukraine and their summers. I am so excited about how God will answer the prayers prayed here in the weeks, months and generations to come!

Friday - I was at a station for several hours waiting for teams to cross into Poland to get their next clue. It was a beautiful train station and sunny day.

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