Thursday 13 June 2013

Intern Training

Again, this is something I was a participant in last summer that this year I was more of a helper in.  As camp co-ordinator with Josiah Venture helping organise intern training will form part of my role so it was great to be able to see intern training from behind the scenes this year.

The general schedule of each of the four packed days was morning devotion, followed by various teaching slots.  After lunch there was some free time with team time just before dinner so teams could discuss roles and what they'd learnt that day.  Each evening there was worship, a testimony from a national and teaching.

This year the teaching themes that ran through the morning devotions and evening slots was the Trinity and about the different members of the Trinity.  It was really refreshing and also practical to be taught on before a summer of intense ministry.  

There was also times of teaching on: team unity, spiritual gifts, how to share your testimony, how to share the Gospel, prayer, spiritual warfare, how to teach English, guidelines for the summer, camp details and more...

As well as the times of equipping intern training also serves as a place to get over any remaining jet lag and to bond as a team and figure out roles before the summer gets crazy busy!  It's also a great time of fellowship as you get to spend time getting to know people who will be serving all over Central and Eastern Europe for the summer.

On a personal level, not only was it great to be able to be there so I could get a better understanding of how it is set up, it was amazing to be there to reconnect with people - interns I knew from last year, and JV staff members who I'll be serving alongside.

It was so exciting when on Tuesday night all the intern teams gathered in the centre of the room and were prayed over and commissioned for their summer of service.  I am so excited to hear about all God does in and through them this summer!  Please do be praying for them.

You can read my post on intern training from last year here.

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