Friday 28 June 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - packing up my possessions and getting rid of stuff meant I rapidly got to the point where I just wanted to burn everything I owned rather than make another leave/pack/ship/donate/bin decision.

Sunday - being commissioned in my home church, such an amazing moment.

Monday - the sunset at White Rock beach at the North Coast where I spent time with Rose!

Tuesday - on our way down from the North Coast we stopped at the Dark Hedges.  This was my third time there, I think, and it is always so beautiful.  I don't currently have pictures of us on my laptop so these photos will have to summarise it!

Wednesday - on Tuesday night my dad helped me pack up the stuff I'll ship to Czech in a month or so - winter clothes, books, some household stuff.  It seemed so unreal to see the boxes sitting there with my life inside them.

How I often spend time with the animals: Daisy, my cat, likes to sit on me and Sandy is never far away.

Friday - a lunch time departure to Heathrow so I can be in England with friends for a couple of days.  So weird!

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