Monday, 27 May 2013

Safely Arrived!

At midnight last night I landed in Krakow, waited for my bags to appear (and, gratefully, they both made it with all my belongings intact!) and walked through security to receive a huge hug from my friend Martina. After a two hour drive we arrived in Česky Těšin.

Today we will join a lot of other missionaries, intern leaders and interns and travel up to Krakow to hop on an overnight train to L'viv. On Tuesday night we will be on another overnight train to take us to Kiev for Wednesday. 

On Wednesday all the interns serving across Central and Eastern Europe will arrive in. They will split off into their teams and the Amazing Race will start, three days of intense team building where teams will complete challenges and make their way back to the Josiah Venture training facility, Malenovice, in the Czech Republic, for Friday.

It will be a busy few days! I will be one of the people giving the teams the challenges. I'm kinda glad not to be doing them again this year! And I'm excited to be serving these people as they head out to serve this summer. The Amazing Race is such a great way for teams to bond and to see who they are under stress.

Please do be praying for safety and for God to unite these teams in the coming days! That He would equip them and give them a great start to their summer.

On Friday intern training starts - interns will receive teaching and will be equipped for their summers.

I am very grateful to be back here, in a place that feels so much like my home, a place that hopefully will become my home over the next few months. It's so great to see wonderful friends again, in real life instead of over Skype. And I popped my Czech SIM card in my phone this morning to discover it works and still has credit!

I'm excited to see what God has in store for the days ahead!

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  1. I love how alive you are, back in the home you were meant for. Your joy and excitement are just spilling over onto these words, I can feel them from here! :)

    I hope it's a fun and joyous two weeks!