Friday 10 May 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - fulfilling a "bucket list" item for Amy's birthday - playing Hide and Seek, followed by Sardines, in a certain Swedish store.

Sunday - it was an honour to share what God is doing in central and eastern Europe in a local church.  I was so encouraged by the congregation there and it was beautiful to be able to walk along the shore at White Rocks after the service.

Monday - a bank holiday!  So where else to go but a garden centre to debate herb buying choices.

Tuesday - I am so grateful for a very flexible job that is close to where I live and that doesn't mind all my frequent travels.  And it was a gloriously sunny day so I had my lunch and read outside!

Wednesday - getting emailed shopping lists for a Czech friend, so today involved buying shampoo at Tesco.

Thursday - writing by the fire!

Friday - I got to go to the Ulster vs Scarlets match!  It was so great to see Ulster win!  On to the final.

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