Friday 26 September 2014

Photo Friday - 26th September

Dawid Werner kicked off our time at the Fall Camp Meeting as he shared a devotion about the call of the disciples. I love the Fall Camp Meeting - this year we had over forty people there. We gather the people leading the camp ministry of JV in all our countries at this one point in the year - we debrief the summer and tell stories of God's faithfulness, we go through a lot of business, and we plan and dream about next summer. Yes, in September we decide on the theme for the next summer!

It was so great to have Paul Bowman (left) here for a few days to be at our Fall Camp Meeting. There were many long talks, and lots of laughter. This was late on Sunday night as a couple of us gathered in a stairwell seating area. 

On Monday I said bye to Paul at a train station in torrential rain and arrived back in time for Fall Conference to start! Our theme was ReJesus, returning again to the model and method of Jesus' ministry and applying it to our own contexts.

There were 280 leaders from all over central and eastern Europe at the conference! It was fun to spend time with so many friends and co-labourers. One way the conference was made "smaller" is we spent a lot of in small groups processing the teaching together and seeking to apply it to our ministries.

There is lots of this at any conference: cake (this is a special Czech cake made twenty minutes from my house), Bible and community.

On Thursday night we celebrated God's faithfulness to Josiah Venture as we told stories of how God brought us all to this point, of celebrating twenty years of JV. And there were fireworks!

One of my favourite things about these stories is how many of them included things like praying God would call someone to this ministry and realising He'd called us, saying we'd be involved for one year and still being here many years later, etc. God and His grace calls us despite ourselves, and it's incredible.

Malenovice, where we own a conference centre and it's just a ten minute drive from our offices, is a magical place. It looks stunning in every kind of weather.

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