Friday 25 March 2016

Israel Day 7 - The Garden Tomb, the Mount of Olives, the Southern Steps, the Walls, and the last night

On our last full day in Israel we started by going to the Garden Tomb. We were shown around by a delightful man from Cornwall. Some people think this is where Jesus was crucified and buried but it's a lot more likely that it was where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is. However, the Garden Tomb site looks and feels a lot more like what it would have in Jesus' time so in some ways it felt more authentic.

Here we talked about the resurrection and how Jesus spent the days after his resurrection, how much he loves us and delights in us. We took communion in this place and sang worship. It was beautiful.

This day was International Womens Day - and the gentlemen of JV bought all the girls flowers! 

We also went to the Mount of Olives to overlook the city of Jerusalem.

The last part of our tour was the Southern Steps, at the Temple. The steps are of varying depth so you had to think as you approached the Temple, and think about where you were going.

Here we talked about Pentecost, which possibly happened on these steps. On that day three thousand people repented and we baptised. Peter and the disciples, who not that long ago were hiding, are boldly proclaiming the gospel and the risen Christ throughout Jerusalem.

We talked about how God is already moving and accomplishing his purposes, and we obey by joining his moving. And that we need to pray for boldness so we can see increased fruit. And we need to ask God for more. 

I spent the afternoon walking along the city walls and doing more exploring. It is a fascinating city!

That evening after dinner we had another time of worship on the roof and a time of praising God for all that He is and this time on the trip. After our time of sharing what God had been teaching us through the trip, and prayer, we headed out for ice cream! It was a fun way to end the trip.

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