Friday 27 March 2015

Photo Friday - 27th March

Youth group on Saturday night. I'm so thankful my church built this new extension so we can have space to meet!

I am so thankful for Sundays - time at church and then I use the afternoon to squeeze in extra reading, work through a Bible study book and prepare for the week. 

Monday was the day I filed my taxes here! It involves going to a lot of offices in three buildings and two towns. But this year no one criticised my Czech skills to my face so it felt like a success, and I rewarded myself with some cake.

My suitcase is getting a lot more use right now as I start a busier travel season - between now and June I'm away from my flat about 25% of the time! Thankfully I've a well-honed system at this point.

The Fusion International team! I love serving with these guys. On Tuesday they were picking songs which involved playing them loudly and I declared "You guys are LOUD!" to receive the response "But we're Fusion!"

And on Tuesday evening we started our S-Team retreat. This is our planning retreat where we reflect on our ministries and look forward and ask what God is wanting us to do. I am so thankful that I get to serve on this team and see God at work. The perk of having an Englishman on the team is that this was breakfast! I can't remember where he got the Irish sausages from but I was also very thankful for this! 

Selah, our organisation's cabin, is a beautiful place to meet! Our retreat ended on Thursday. 

My sad little car! I am thankful for the three men who each intentionally drove alongside me to point out the back of my car before I could pull over, and for the man who helped me tape it back together in the car park so I could get it the 50km home where Casey used some zip ties to "fix" it. Cars are always an adventure. 

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