Wednesday 25 March 2015

A day in Kraków for the Research Project

Sunday 15th started early as we headed to Krakow for a 9am meeting. We got lost a few times as we picked someone up and navigated differences between the GPS and the new roads. Already running late, we then got pulled over for a random check by the Polish police! But eventually we arrived at the hotel where we had booked a conference room.

I love stationery.

Back in September we began a project in six of our countries to research what makes young people "stick" in youth groups and the local church after they make professions of faith in Christ at camp.

This meeting was to get together and discuss and synthesise our findings. I am so thankful for how God showed up and gave us insight and wisdom. Now we have an incredible responsibility to communicate what we found well and to wisely implement our findings. 

Of course, when you're in a 9am-5pm meeting you need to stop for lunch! I spent over an hour researching our options and decided on a highly-rated burger place because good burgers are hard to find in this part of the world. We were not disappointed! And it was fun to celebrate the hard work of our team.

I'm really thankful for the people who were involved in this project and all their work. And I'm praying that God would continue to give much grace and wisdom as we figure out what these findings mean.

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