Friday, 5 December 2014

Photo Friday - 5th December

What my coffee table looks like after small group. We talked about Jesus calming the storm and what we can learn from that story as we encounter fears and worries. I am so thankful for this group!

Advent started on Sunday. I adore advent.

On Tuesday the ice remained. It felt like skating rather than walking. I only left my house to go to the post office.

Czech homework. The hardest part about learning a new language is sometimes the language you speak - the rules of English have been in my head for twenty-six years so it's hard to adjust when Czech rules make no sense in my English-speaking head.

On Thursday I finally went to "rescue" my car from the office. Weirdly the train wasn't running from my town so it started with a replacement bus service, followed by two trains. I'm glad my little car is back nearby again.

On Friday the Christmas lights were switched on! Alongside the traditional Czech festivities

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