Friday 26 December 2014

Photo Friday - 26th December

Saturday back in Northern Ireland! It was so fun to be at the Elevate Christmas bash.

It was so good to be back in First Saintfield. It was a joy to share about what God is doing in the morning service. In the evening it was a Christmas carol service - the lights were so pretty!

Walking round Belfast looking at the Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate in the rain with a close friend was pretty amazing!

So, my friend Rach managed to get some tickets to an amazing little gig in Bangor Abbey. It was Gary Lightbody, the lead singer for Snow Patrol, and some of his friends playing solo acoustic sets in this centuries-old abbey.

It was stunning to hear Snow Patrol songs reimagined for this context, but the most incredible ones were five songs Lightbody had written inspired by Seamus Heaney. It felt like a family concert, with many in the audience related to one of the performers. I loved hearing songs about or inspired by our little country and history. A wonderful night!

There is a great Christmas Eve tradition of some of us dropping in on the Bowmans. Paul even made me a cup of tea declaring it would be "the best cup of tea you'll have all year". I am so grateful for this family.

My family, including my granny's husband and his sister on Christmas Day. So thankful for these people!

This was my entire Boxing Day. I read 500-page and 700-page books over Christmas. Loved squeezing in so much time to read.

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