Friday 12 December 2014

Photo Friday - 12th December

It was a joy to be in Poland on Saturday combining some of my favourite things - research and camps - and training youth leaders in how to do research so we can learn how to do camps more effectively and fruitfully. Excited about what God is going to do and what we're going to learn through this project! 

On Sundays I try to take some time to plan the week - and with this one I was trying to plan my time in Czech before NI! It was exciting and good to get on paper much of what I need to do.

Some days this is how I work...

You can't really tell but in this picture there are eight little birds chirping in the bush.

It honestly hasn't been that cold here recently, but my bed got another layer anyway. 

From Wednesday until Sunday we were under a smog warning. The air where  I live is usually pretty bad but for those five days it was five times the legal limit. This is a photo taken outside my Czech teacher's home, she lives eleven kilometres away in a town with many of the factories that make my town's air so bad.

Other days this is how I work! Sitting on my kitchen floor surrounded by notes, tea, and little oranges. 

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