Friday 31 October 2014

Photo Friday - 31st October

My favourite walk in my town - this is the start of it, about five minutes from my flat. I then walk along the river for twenty minutes or so, sometimes crossing into Poland. 

I do this walk three to four times a week, and the colours at the moment are stunning. 

The Tesco flier from this week - if you're not sure what these are you should check out this blog post

Tuesday was a national holiday here, as we celebrated the establishment of the state of Czechoslovakia after World War One in 1918. Some of us got together that night to celebrate Josh's (the guy on the very left and closest to the camera) birthday before he left on home assignment. I'm so thankful for the community I have here!

Another beautiful walk!

I worked entirely from home this week. So from my kitchen table I skyped with Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. Here you can see Gabe Hillman, the Josiah Venture country leader for Bulgaria. It is such a privilege to serve the wonderful people serving camps in our countries. Their enthusiasm and passion to see their nations reached for Jesus gives me goosebumps.

Another wonderful skype happened this week. Last time Julianne and I hung out in person was two years ago this week. Julianne and her husband were living in Toronto and I visited just after having new missionary orientation with my organisation in Chicago. And last time Julianne and I skyped she was still pregnant. But look at those two adorable six month olds! I'm so thankful for long skypes with dear friends, and meeting these two cuties.

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