Friday 10 October 2014

Photo Friday - 10th October

On Saturday I woke up with a messy flat but knew I needed some time to read, do my Bible study, and rest. So I combined this with some errands and escaped the mess. And I was right, it was needed and good. And my flat did get tidied in the end.

Sunday nights involve me prepping for the week - cutting up vegetables for snacks for the first three days etc. So my sink inevitably looks like this on Sunday nights.

Autumn has been showing off this week!

The light in my flat in afternoons is crazy beautiful.

I'm currently working my way through this Bible plan, reading the New Testament in 90 days. I should be finished right around the new year. It is blessing me immensely.

Poland's autumn is showing off too (I'm taking this photo from Czech - in my town the river divides Czech and Poland).

My IKEA construction skills are lacking sometimes... like in this chair. The back came off during a skype. 

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