Friday 24 October 2014

Photo Friday - 24th October

Playing about on Saturday.

On Sunday the weather forecast looked like I'd made a really good choice in getting my winter tyres on so early! Thankfully (kind of) it didn't actually snow. But the temperatures got a lot lower than they predicted too. 

Erm.. apparently Christmas is just around the corner? But it's only October 19th! 

I hosted our ladies' Bible study so made an apple cinnamon crunch. I am so grateful for the community of women I get to do life with and alongside. It is always such an encouraging time as we share what God is teaching us and pray for one another.

Decorations at our conference centre, where I was invited to lunch. Tuesday was bright, sunny and crisp - perfect for boots and a puffy sleeveless jacket. Wednesday and Thursday it did nothing but rain and I had my Wellington boots on. And then it got very cold. 

An early early birthday present from a friend! I left it in the office so I wouldn't be tempted to open it.

This year I am hosting a small group Bible study for girls from our youth group. And at our first meeting of the year I was the one asked to prepare a talk. It was fifteen to twenty minutes and I did it in Czech! Horrible, bad Czech that I just read from the page. But to be able to communicate in Czech, share prayer requests and understand the ones that had been shared, to chat about life with these girls? It was incredible and worth all the studying.

And this is a result of a good night: lots of used teabags and bowls dirty from dessert. I loved hosting small group on Friday night!

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