Friday 18 July 2014

Photo Friday - 18th July

Saturday morning at English Camp - all set up and ready for students to arrive! The first day involves the last of the prep before students arrive after lunch. They have a conversation with one of three people that allows us to place them in an English class that suits their level. In the evening we have our first evening programme. 

And this is what evening programme looks like - after songs, the camp song/dance, games, announcements, there is an evening talk. After our time together we split back into our English class groups and discuss what we heard.

And this is what English class looks like! It was so fun to spend so much time with these students over the course of the week.

Every morning we had announcements... and this morning the announcement was: check for ticks.

Our camp was at Malenovice - where I had my first camp in 2007, and where I spent almost six weeks this last year due to various conferences and events - and we hiked the mountain the hotel is on. It's the tallest mountain in this area and it felt good to finally hike it!

On Thursday night the Gospel is clearly presented and students are given an opportunity to respond. After that they were free to sit and sing along to worship songs. The atmosphere was incredible. 

The last night of English camp - and Vit'a, the camp leader, the guy in the blue shirt with the mic, was thanking the UK and US teams for coming to serve with us.

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