Friday 11 July 2014

Photo Friday - 11th July

I took the group photo for the camp in Latvia - this was just before they realised I was taking the photo. Such a great camp!

Enjoying fellowship on the Hargan's balcony in Latvia. They are the country leaders for Josiah Venture in Latvia and it was so beautiful to hear and see their excitement for what God is doing in this nation, and their passionate dreaming for what He will do!

Before short term teams leave they often have a debrief where they talk about the joys and challenges of their time and what they learnt. It was so good to hear from this team!

A whole lot of this on the way home. Poland is long! But the wee car made it!

And on Wednesday these guys left - left to right it is Jacob, Daniel and Amy. Daniel just moved to Czech as a full time missionary and will be using his great skill in filming to serve our teams here. Jacob grew up as a missionary kid with Josiah Venture in Poland, as did Amy, and they are both back to serve on our communications team as interns this summer. Excited to see what these three create in terms of films and writing!

On Thursday I helped unload the Thomasons container - this held all their possessions as their family of four move here to serve on the communications team. So excited to have more people moving here and joining what God is doing.

And today I came back to Malenovice where my Czech church's camp starts tomorrow! 

Today the teams arrived to start preparing - as well as the Czech church team and the US team there is a team from Wales, funnily enough from the church I called home for my four years of university there! 

So it was good to see some familiar faces. And it has been a good time of preparation. Our pastor came and gave a short message on living out of the Spirit of God. And it was good to be together, bond, prepare, worship and pray. 

Students arrive tomorrow afternoon so there will be more preparations in the morning. 

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