Friday 21 March 2014

Photo Friday - March 21st

I spent three hours with a wonderfully patient teacher and learnt to crochet! Mine is the cream snowflake (and I didn't do all of it) - it's not perfect but it was a wonderful time together! 

Some necessary baking before Saint Patrick's Day.

Being surprised by a co-worker with coffee and biscotti made Monday morning a lot nicer!

Tuesday-Friday I was in Slovakia at the JV ladies' retreat. There's a fuller blog post coming soon but for now here are some photos of our surroundings.

Where we stayed was the summer home of the first president of Czechoslovakia (between World War One and Two).

It was a beautiful place to gather with beautiful women to worship our beautiful God.

We were divided into triplets for our time and I was blessed to be with these two women! 

The teaching was on how we can look forward, and run the race marked before us without looking back or comparing sideways. What was so wonderful was the fact we heard from seven JV women, on times when they had to run their race through different seasons or hard things.

I am hoping to write a fuller blog post or two on this retreat soon!

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