Wednesday 25 September 2013

Paperwork Prayers

I've had to complete a lot of paperwork in moving to another country. At one point I needed to go to Prague to pick up a piece of paper saying that I didn't have a criminal record. I got the piece of paper and it was accepted and everything was great! That meant I could start paying rent so it was a good thing!

Then, a week later, I got a call saying the piece of paper wasn't enough. That meant I'd probably have to start a process in NI for the "I don't have a criminal record" paperwork, and possibly have to go back to NI! 

I was definitely ok that she made the "mistake" as it meant I could start paying rent etc! And as it was their mistake they weren't going to revoke the paperwork, I just had to get more "evidence". I told the woman I'd go into the office to talk to her.

When I did, two days later, she had received a letter that day saying that under new legislation European Union citizens could now get their criminal record checks done in Czech!

So, because they accepted the "wrong" paperwork and because I went in two days after the lady called me I didn't have to go back to NI but I went two doors down the corridor! And instead of paying a lot of money (and a flight!) it was £3.

Before I went to the lady I had written it down as a prayer request to include in my next update, that all the paperwork would go smoothly, and God had answered it before I even hit send! So grateful!

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