Friday 1 March 2013

Photo Friday - the e.coli edition

Saturday: a hike around Garden of the Gods with the Hammerstroms - oh so beautiful!

Sunday: deer in the backyard, this was one of four.  

Monday: I got rather ill on Sunday and after a night of horrible symptoms I ended up at a doctors' (I'd stayed with a doctor during the weekend so it worked out well)... and then after an afternoon of not keeping anything down I ended up at the ER to be treated for dehydration with two IVs/drips, morphine, anti-nausea meds and others!  We found out on Wednesday that I actually had e.coli, the toxin kind that can have fairly serious consequences which I gratefully did not have.  I was told to expect a longer recovery time and I'm still in that, but incredibly grateful for the amazing medical care I received and all the love and prayers I received from everyone.  

Tuesday: the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) is the aftermath of e.coli.

The triumph of I managing some scrambled egg!

Not even all the pills I was on.

It was good to be back in class, this was Friday's topic.  It has been so good to be at MTI and to be learning so much that will help me serve better in Czech.  

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