Friday 22 February 2013

Photo Friday

Sunday: it was so great to spend time with Becca and worship at her church. We,ve know each other since 2006 but this was the first meeting in the US - normally she's in NI.

Monday: I curled up to finally watch the new Bond when there was a knock on my bedroom door - it was a five year old who had knocked on every door to find me so we could play air hockey! So cute and the movie was paused as I went to play with the wonderful kids who are here.

Tuesday: it was another morning spent practicing how to learn a language by learning Russian. It was a lot of fun and this shows my drawings of a dialogue about the weather.

Wednesday: I have not had the horrible stomach flu that has been going through MTI but I have had a sore throat so I was super grateful that someone taking an errand run brought these back for me. They're pretty icky but they work!

Thursday: it snowed a little overnight... And we were far from the worst of!

Friday: the first course I'm here for ended at 11 so in the afternoon I walked to a nearby town. It's fifty minutes each way on a trail but it was so, so beautiful. It fel t like I was walking through Narnia.

Bonus, also Friday: because we're between courses there are no meals apart from breakfast so we headed to a local Vietnamese restaurant for dinner and my first Vietnamese experience. This is chicken pho and it was really good! I also accomplished my goal of learning how to use chopsticks thanks to the missionary family I ate with and their amazing instruction!

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