Friday 8 March 2013

Photo Friday

A week that was sparse on photos!  Last weekend I still felt strongly in the recovery stage so I didn't go anywhere and just stayed here and rested, which was really good!  But not things that are good to take pictures of.  Here are the snapshots that I did take this week.

I love Sharpies!

It was a coursemate's birthday so we had cake on Tuesday!  It was very good and it was great to be eating something so normal.

A walk on Wednesday. 

I finally got round to seeing this movie!  Although it stopped working with 20 minutes to go.. hopefully I'll see the ending soon!

On Thursday I got another call from the State health department to tell me exactly what kind of e.coli I had (again, the bad kind, but this time which specific bad kind).  So I'm incredibly grateful that my kidneys are functioning and I'm so much better!  Even if it means I'm still avoiding a lot of dairy (hence the S for Soy milk in my coffee).  Thursday here was a retreat day and it was so great to have some time to drink coffee and reflect on the many things I've been learning here - a proper blog post on it is coming soon!

Friday's class on transition - it was really great!

The Sharpies being put to good use!

I've lived out of this room for four weeks now....  and I just discovered at the end of this week what the light switch on the right does (controls the plug socket behind the beside table...)

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