Saturday 16 February 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday: a day of lots of travelling but I was so grateful to arrive safely at Philadelphia airport (pictured) which had been closed the day before because of the snow.  I also made a crazy connection time in O'Hare to safely reach Colorado Springs.

Sunday: worship at V7.

Monday: arriving at MTI to start PILAT!

We take air hockey so seriously here that there has to be snack breaks.  It has been so fun to be a part of the community here, including losing at air hockey to five year olds.

A walk on Wednesday - Colorado Springs is so beautiful!

On Valentine's Day I woke up to a rose on my doorstep.  And this was the view!  Later that day it snowed so hard the mountains disappeared. 

Friday: We've been learning ways of learning a language, different methods and activities.  And we've also been given the chance to put those methods into action - in my case, by learning Russian.  It was actually really fun and I have finished this week feeling encouraged that learning Czech might actually be achievable.

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