Monday 22 October 2012

What now?

I first experienced the Czech Republic when I went out to serve at an English camp with a team from First Saintfield in 2007.  And that September saw me go off to university with my future all mapped out, the destination being Dr Rachael a few years down the line.  And if you’d told 18 year old me what 23 year old me would be doing she’d laugh and perhaps tell you to “catch yourself on”.  But 23 year old me?  She’s pretty excited about what she’s doing…

Over the course of my trips to the Czech Republic I felt God calling me to full time ministry, potentially full time ministry in the Czech Republic.  And God has confirmed that call over the years in a variety of ways.  The summer internship was seen as a further testing of this call.

At intern training I heard about a role on the newly formed S-Team (Specialties Team) and I was rather intrigued and started having conversations with different people, including Casey Yorman who heads up S-Team.  It was just a thought and an interest but I left intern training praying about it, convinced that even if it was what God was calling me to it would take a few months to discern that and figure out all the details.

A few weeks into June I remember emailing Casey saying that the reasons for me to say no to the role were disappearing and the reasons to say yes were stacking up.  At the end of June Casey and I had another conversation and Casey started talking to people who know me well to figure out if this might be a good fit.

At third term training, at breakfast just before heading off to our last camp, I sat down opposite Casey and was officially invited to apply to Josiah Venture as a full time missionary.  Spending time with the lovely Yorman family after third term was over was wonderful, as we started to dream about me serving in Czech.  I went back to Northern Ireland with an application form that was accepted and I’m now officially a full time JV missionary!

So, what’s the role?  My role will be S-Team Co-Ordinator.  So I’ll be serving the camp ministry in all of the countries JV works in, by providing structures and support for the ministry and those serving in it.  In these countries there are 32.5 million 15-29 year olds, with only 1% of them being evangelical believers.  This summer JV did one hundred camps in central and eastern Europe, with camps being an amazing tool to reach the youth of Europe with the glorious Gospel. 

Through serving at English camps I’ve seen God move in mighty ways, drawing people to Himself and raising up new leaders who are passionate to reach their nation for the Gospel.  I am so excited to use my experience and giftings to serve this incredible ministry. 

While serving JV I’ll live in the Czech Republic, as I’ll be based at JV’s offices in Frydlant (in the east of the country).  And I’ll also be spending time learning the beautiful Czech language and being involved in local church ministry.

I’d love to be on the field in the spring of 2013 so I’m now in the process of contacting people who want to partner with me in this work by praying for me and/or supporting me financially.  Please be praying for this support raising process!  It’s an exciting time and I’m excited to see what God has in store.  

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