Wednesday 17 October 2012


After our last English Camp the intern team didn’t do follow up with the town – instead Nolan, Jitka and Bethany headed to our home base and I headed to Cesky Tesin to spend some time with the Yorman family which was a really great time dreaming about the future.

I got into Podebrady (home base) late on Sunday night after surviving six hours of train time on my own - it was wonderful, and oh how I miss train time.  But with some delays and fewer trains on a Sunday I was grateful to be home and my “kids” had left me a beautiful bowl of curry to enjoy!

On Monday we left Podebrady for the last time and caught the train to Prague.  Our days in Prague were wonderful.  It was really great to spend time with other teams again.  It was so good to tell the stories of what God did during the summer – in the hearts of those around us, in our hearts.  It was also good to spend time looking forward to “re-entry”. 

And it was amazing to spend time in Prague.  I was able to have some alone time, scouting out some cafes after some great recommendations, and to process the summer.  Prague is a beautiful city and one of the highlights of my week there was getting up at 4am with a group of people to watch the sunrise on Charles Bridge. 

When I got a phonecall at 3.20 on Wednesday afternoon from Martina to say that Josh’s visa had come in, on literally the last day it could have to allow him to come back in time to say goodbye to everyone, I didn’t quite believe it.  But it was so good to have team HawaiIreland reunited for twelve hours before we started to fly out.

The week in Prague was a great time of processing, spending time with people who had become dear friends and relaxing a little in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Flying out on that Friday was hard but hopefully it won’t be too long before I return again…

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