Friday, 3 October 2014

Photo Friday - 3rd October

Amy left on Saturday, it was fun to travel with her (she landed in Estonia) and to be flatmates for three months while she interned with Josiah Venture.

At church on Sunday morning we had six baptisms! 

Monday involved staying at home the whole day waiting for my landlord and landlady to show up to look at my troublesome radiator.

October arrived! And with it the pizza restaurant beside my flat started dismantling their outdoor seating area.

The conclusion on Monday was that there is a problem with my boiler. So this was my view for part of Wednesday, and it looks like it's all working now.

I've been rediscovering some random sweets from NI thanks to sweets from my mum brought by Paul. 

It's election time in my little town, so these noticeboards are set up on the town square and the amount of junk mail I'm getting has increased dramatically.

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