Friday 17 October 2014

Photo Friday - 17th October

We had a "together youth group" event - we invited several local youth groups to our church and the president of Josiah Venture spoke. It was wonderful to see so many young people, they filled our church. 

My church turned fifty! And I blogged about this here.

Eggs with soldiers. 

I had a week of not feeling great at all, I felt nauseous pretty much all day every day, and was given firm instructions to rest. So this was my view for much of the week.

And for the first time I went to the doctor here. It was.. interesting. But I got some tablets that really helped with the nausea. 

I've finally figured out internet shopping here a little better and it has been a big help - it's easier to find stuff by searching for it online than hunting through many, many stores.

I was taking it very slow until the next week but I managed to get my winter tyres put on my car, something that must be done (it's a legal requirement) before November 1st.

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