Monday 6 July 2015


Each summer I travel a lot to visit various camps and this summer's first big trip was to Hungary last week! I travelled down on Wednesday and back again on Friday so it was a short trip but it was a joy to be able to go there, see our team rock during their first week-long camp in Hungary, and see students hearing about God!

One of the things I most enjoyed seeing at this camp was that every morning students spent fifteen minutes reading the Bible passage that would be spoken on that night. They then spent fifteen minutes talking with a partner about one thing they thought was interesting and one question they had. Then in the evening programme students again had their Bibles open and were being shown how to look for answers and how to read it.

There was just something so beautiful about watching non-believing young people really engaging with the Word of God. And we know the Word of God is powerful and does not return void, so please be praying for the church who were involved in this camp, that they would follow up well with students who were there! 

Some photos of my time in Hungary:

Liz teaching about who Christ is, and how everything is loss compared with knowing Him.

One tall game of Jenga!

The Hungarian language, ladies and gentlemen, and your guess is as good as mine!

Camp was at the Calvary Chapel college in Hungary, which includes this beautiful building.

Preparing for a game that night.

Rob and Liz (the two sitting down) are the country leaders for Hungary and here Rob and their son Caleb are describing what is in the box to Liz and Liz has to decide if they're telling the truth or not. With some crazy things in the boxes it was hard to know if it was true or not!

Rob teaching on the second night I was there.

The building from the front.

Yellow watermelon! It tastes the exact same as regular watermelon but is yellow.

Hungarian roads = overtaking horse and carts! Between a lot of road works and crazy traffic on little roads and problems getting the stickers necessary to drive on Slovak and Hungarian roads it was a long, seven hour, drive down (I was expecting something more like five!).

Thankfully my drive back was shorter! These were my travel companions, as well as Narnia on audiobook! Driving home always seems less stressful because the roads are becoming more familiar, and I didn't have to make stops to buy the car stickers. 

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