Friday 14 November 2014

Photo Friday - 14th November

Saturday involved a birthday tradition of going to water. In NI and Wales this involved the ocean. And then God called me to a landlocked country... where thankfully there are lakes. The misty, grey, rainy day was perfect.

On Sunday I turned 26! And celebrated with friends and food. If you scroll down you'll see a full post on it.

Mondays start with a blank sheet and lots of coloured pens for long to do lists.

Fewer and fewer leaves on the trees.

I spent a lot of Wednesday like this, writing two talks for the girls' retreat this weekend - one on Rahab and one on Ruth.

Between talk prep and another couple of projects I was working on last week I felt like I spent a lot of time writing, editing and reading papers with a pen in hand this week.

On Friday night our youth group's girls' retreat began!

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