Monday 17 November 2014


November is probably my favourite month of the year, and not just because it holds my birthday. The nights get dark early and there are more cups of tea. And it's also a month that remembers and celebrates freedom.

On November 9th 1989 the Berlin Wall fell.

On November 11th we remember the sacrifice of those who served (and serve) their countries in conflict and allow us to know freedom.

And today, November 17th, is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. On November 17th 1989 the Velvet Revolution began.

Twenty-five years ago students marched in Prague to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of students being killed by Nazis in 1939. And on that day they started something that led to the end of communism just ten days later.

It's called the Velvet Revolution because no one died. And four years later it was followed by the Velvet Divorce as Czech and Slovakia became two countries.

You can read more about the day here on the BBC. It's sobering reading. Just 30% of under 30s know why this day is a national holiday. And a sixth of the country long to return to communism.

But the fall of communism is what opened this country, and many in central and eastern Europe, for the Gospel. Churches can exist, you aren't imprisoned for your faith, and the Gospel can be proclaimed.

I am so thankful for freedom. For the freedom to live in safety in this country and share Christ. I'm praying that, just as this country has known freedom from communism, many in Czech would know true freedom in knowing Christ as their Saviour. 

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