Friday 11 January 2013

Photo Friday

I shared about what God is doing in central and eastern Europe on Sunday so Saturday night involved putting flyers in Orders of Service.

I had so much fun ice skating with friends on Sunday!  I fell a couple of times and have all kind of bruises - on my left hand and everything!  But perhaps that's a good lesson right now, as I ponder language learning, to fall but laugh and get back up again? 

There's something about a over-one-thousand-mile move that inspires you to get rid of lots of stuff!

Babysitting on a Tuesday.

What I woke up to on Wednesday!

Dinner with one of my best friends on Thursday!

Friday: I successfully found the Czech store in Belfast Petra told me about.  It was weird to go into a store in Belfast to be greeted in Czech, talk in Czech, talk about Czech and receive a history and language lesson!  The owner couldn't believe I knew what marlenka was, I couldn't believe I could buy marlenka in Belfast...  So yummy!

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