Thursday 21 June 2012

Visits and Rests

I've now been in the Czech Republic four full weeks!  It feels like I've always been here...  it feels like I always will be here!

So what all has been happening since I last updated you all?

Well, Thursday 7th - Monday 11th we were in Hradec Kralove, the youth group we'll do our first English Camp with.  We visited several schools on the Friday and Monday, advertising English Camp.  We had youth group on Friday night (followed by watching the Czech-Russia game), hiked on Saturday, and had church, a planning meeting, sports and games on Sunday.

It was great to be able to go into Czech schools and talk with students.  It was also wonderful to meet and get to know the youth group and English Camp team we'll be working with.

We then had a few rest/home days in Podebrady before heading to Havlickuv Brod on Friday 15th, coming back on Sunday 17th.  Again, it was great to spend time with the youth group and get to know them. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend with a picnic and sports on the Saturday (and the Czech-Poland game!) and church and spending time together on the Sunday.

And we're now back in Podebrady.  Podebrady is our home base for the summer.  We're staying in some guest rooms in the church building (the pastor and family live at the other end of the hallway).  We've been using this time to rest, go through our summer Bible study and do English Camp prep (English lessons mainly, plus talk prep for Josh).

This weekend we'll be spending time with Podebrady youth group, who we'll be with for our second English Camp. After that we'll be heading probably to Prague for a team day followed by a few days of a service project, helping some missionaries with a project they're working on.

In two weeks we'll be at our first term training!  In three weeks we'll be in the middle of our first English Camp.. and in four weeks the Irish team will be here and it will be the second term of training!  Time is flying by.

In the midst of all of this I am in awe of what I get to do.  It is incredible to be able to get glimpses of how God is working throughout this country through local churches.  He is at work in youth groups who are so excited to share about God's grace and salvation with their peers.  He is at work drawing people to Himself.  Even as I sit here writing this I can't believe the privilege I have to be witnessing these things, and I know I see but a little of what is really going on.

God is good, all the time.

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